90s star Jennie Garth, 51, flaunts natural cleavage in loosely tied bikini as Beverly Hills, 90210 alum basks in Florida

Jennie Garth ditched the sunny beaches of Southern California for a cross-country vacation in Florida.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star showed she's as beautiful as ever in a sexy loose-fitting bikini.

Jennie Garth spent time with her best friend in FloridaCredit: Instagram / Ben Baronet
Former 90210 star shows off her natural beauty in a skimpy bikiniCredit: Instagram/Jenny Garth

Jenny took to Instagram to share photos from her recent vacation to Florida.

While there, she went on a trip to the beach with her “best friend” Ben Baronet.

The 51-year-old dazzled in a sexy gold bikini top that showed off ample cleavage.

She paired it with brown bottoms that left plenty of room for her toned stomach and natural breasts.

Fans in the comments section praised the real beauty.

One said: “Jenny Garth looks 20 years old.”

A second voice said, “You look better as you get older. That's not fair.”

Meanwhile, a third said: “Imagine Jenny with a fake rack? She looks so great for her age.”

we can achieve

Jennie recently showed fans what it takes to maintain a toned figure while stretching in a new workout video.

The former Kelly Taylor wore a tight beige crop top and black pants during her workout regimen.

In the Instagram post, the 90210 alum extended her long bare arms and teased her cleavage.

The former Fox star teased her ample sideboob as she pushed and pulled her breasts on a pink mat.

Jenny bent and crossed her long legs while lying down after working out with her personal trainer.

She captioned the lengthy post: “Today I'm going to stretch! I 100% believe it's all about staying mobile, flexible and agile!”

“After training at the gym, I usually do a five-minute stretching session.”

Jenny said, “Recently, I've been stretching at home.

“I hide my mat in my family room, so when we're hanging out there and watching, like…The Golden Bachelor, I throw it out and do some stretches.

She concluded, “Not only does it aid digestion, but it also soothes tired muscles and improves your sleep quality.”

It feels so good to see you again

Jennie Garth and fellow '90s icon Elizabeth Berkley looked much the same as they did when they were younger when they recently reunited on a plane to Florida.

The pair, who appeared in Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell respectively, sat together during a trip to Florida for the '90s Convention at the Tampa Convention Center.

Elizabeth, 49, shared a photo of herself sitting across from Jenny while flying to Tampa for the competition.

“Where are we headed?” she captioned the image.

At the time, the poll had two choices: “Bayside High” or “90s Con.”

Neither actress looked a day older than the characters they played in the '90s.

Jenny played Kelly Taylor on “Beverly Hills, 90210,'' and Elizabeth played Jesse Spano on “Saved by the Bell.''

After the first day of the competition on Friday, Jenny posted on Instagram: “Day 1 of the 90s competition is over” with a green check mark.

“See you tomorrow…” she added with a yellow heart.

Jenny played Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210Credit: Getty
she showed off her intense workout routineCredit: Instagram/Jenny Garth
Jenny met fellow '90s star Elizabeth Berkley on the plane to Tampa.Credit: Instagram

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