AVAVAV celebrates the cleavage with a sexy twist

90s nostalgia that looks to the future, explores and innovates Beate Karlsson For brand creative direction Avava. Starting from the low waist, AW22 Neo Nude The collection evolves this concept into a focus on exposing parts of the body that have historically been covered and stigmatized, with the back neckline of the jeans as the protagonist, which doesn't leave much to the imagination. I did. In a provocative and highly entertaining action, AVAVAV continues to deconstruct commonly known clothing by applying filters based on: tactile sense and Body dysmorphic disorder, focuses on the encounter of alien worlds and conflicting sensations. To better understand the brand, which has so far achieved great success with its Bloody Her Finger Shoes and Finger and Claw Her Boots, we asked Beate a little about her creative process.

Tell us about yourself and the creative path that led you to the brand. What are the three main values ​​you use when developing your designs?

Dysmorphophobia has become a big part of my aesthetic. That's because, essentially, we believe that dysmorphophobia is a great tool for accessing the “otherness” of shapes and forms. I tried to bring this to Avavav by creating an internal space where we could explore new ideas. I value my time, the energy of those around me, and my community of supporters.

Being eco-friendly is now a fashion privilege, but it's often just a performance. What is AVAVAV's sustainability concept? How are the materials sourced?

Sustainability is often portrayed in bright colors through the lens of social and alternative media as something that can be quickly and easily achieved. In reality, being environmentally friendly is not a privilege enjoyed by everyone. I also realized that this industry is very systemized and unsustainable. Knowledge is key. Many new materials are currently attracting public attention, but most of them are not as environmentally friendly as we would expect. For example, vegan leather is not very good because it is mainly made of plastic. But I think all the brands that are making an effort to be environmentally conscious are making a huge contribution to the future state of fashion, and I think we should respect that. We cannot be sustainable in every way, but we are trying our best. At this time, Avavav's commitments include sourcing and producing locally and using deadstock and recycled materials whenever possible.

The aesthetic expression of your material work and shoes makes me think about the relationship between the five senses, especially touch. How do they influence your creative process? Also, what is your main reference for design?

I love merging different worlds to create something, preferably something new. We are moving away from imprinted norms. The sense of touch often plays an important role when trying to distort the original concept of something. For example, if you're making a basic pair of sneakers, it might be interesting to tweak our associations by making them out of materials like flesh or human skin.

Looking at the Neonude collection, we can immediately see the evolution of the low waist trend. What is your relationship to 90s fashion?

For our latest collection, Neo-Nude, we wanted to dive into early 2000s fashion while creating pieces that were appropriate for 2022. I wanted to go with the low cut trend, but I also wanted to accentuate the actual cleavage and focus on her butt. I also wanted to use the revealing nudity that was so popular in the 2000s, but I wanted to shine a light on parts of the body that were repeatedly criticized, rather than hide them.

The collection includes pieces that celebrate the female nipple, butt crack, and fetish elements. What does it mean to be a provocative brand with fashion house Belpaese? Does Italian fashion influence your style?

We have a lot of support from people who love being different, but there are also a lot of challenges we face being an independent, small, provocative brand. It's hard to break into the market because the market is structured in a way that doesn't necessarily support being different.

What other fashion taboos would you like to tackle after Buttcrack's resurgence?

Now I'm excited to distort body proportions and play with designs made to fit otherworldly human bodies.

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