Beyoncé looks stunning in sexy slashed black gown and rose heels

REND set superstar Beyoncé shows off her timeless sense of style in a pair supported by upside-down red rose heels.

The 43-year-old American singer once again proved she's cut from a different cloth in a plunging black gown, fedora, feather boa and artful heels.

Beyoncé looked stunning in a cleavage-baring maxi dress
The singer wore shoes supported by upside-down red rose heels.

Since she is a Thorn winner, she will definitely win the Best Dressed Award as well.

Last month, we told you how sales of expensive cowboy paraphernalia skyrocketed after the release of Beyoncé's hit country album, Cowboy Carter.

Taylor Swift also wore similar boots on her Ellas tour.

“We can expect a resurgence of Western style this year, as the aesthetic plays an important role in pop culture, with the likes of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift on stage,” said Beth Goldstein of market research firm Sarcana. .

Beyoncé, who made Destiny's Child's single “Bootylicious” a hit in 2001, skyrocketed the popularity of her clothing brand, Levi's.

It was after she released a song called “Levii's Jean” with rapper Post Malone.

The 42-year-old superstar posed on Instagram yesterday in an all-denim outfit after singing the lyrics “denim on denim on denim on denim” in the song.

The week Beyoncé released her album, foot traffic at Levi's stores increased by 20% compared to the previous three years.

Who are the artists featured on Beyoncé's Blackbird cover?

The brand temporarily changed its name on Instagram to “Levi's” in honor of Beyoncé's name check on her album.

“Denim is experiencing a powerful moment around the world, and the Levi's brand is experiencing a powerful moment,” said Michelle Gass, CEO of Levi's.

“I don't think there's any better proof or evidence than having someone like Beyoncé, who is a culture shaper, actually put our name on a song.”

The singer recently released a country album, “Cowboy Carter.''

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