Breastfeeding in Public, Sexy Cleavage Social Experiment

In the second part of her public breastfeeding social experiment, YouTuber Joey Salada set out to see if women who showed plenty of cleavage would get the same reaction as a mother who exposed part of her breast while breastfeeding her son.

The results were disappointing to say the least.

The first participant, Jamila, said she sat on a bench in a shopping centre for an hour wearing a low-cut top and received many stares from men, but only one approached her and tried to flirt with her.

New mom Emily has a completely different experience on the same bench. Notably, her sweater covers more skin than Jamilah's top, even while her son is eating.

“Seriously, ma'am, do you really have to do that here? That's disgusting,” one man stopped and said to the new mother.

Passersby repeatedly call Emily's breastfeeding “gross,” but one pregnant woman sits down to support her, sparking a lively conversation about new mothers.

The hypocrisy of the strangers' anger becomes most apparent when the two women sit together on a sidewalk bench.

“That's gross, ma'am. I don't like your boobs being exposed like that,” the stranger told Emily.

“Her boobs are sticking out too,” Joey retorted, pointing at Jamila's gravity-defying top. “If you have a problem with those boobs sticking out, then you have a problem with those boobs sticking out too.”

But breast-fearing pedestrians aren't convinced: “No, that's not true, that's just the way her shirt is, it's fine, it's not gross,” he says.

One man further reinforces his belief that women should only expose their bodies if it's sexually appealing to the men of the world: “Because it's sexy and it's just plain uncomfortable,” he says, explaining why Jameela is appropriate for public exposure and Emily isn't.

“So, that's OK because it's erotic, but not this because it's natural and you find it gross?” Joey says, giving the man a chance to reconsider. Predictably, he doesn't use the opportunity to reflect on his sexist attitude.

As frustrating as this video is, it's just one of many examples of women being shamed and attacked for breastfeeding their babies in public, even as upscale gym Equinox launched an advertising campaign featuring an attractive mother breastfeeding twins.

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