Cleavage Cut as Chinese TV’s Sexy Historical Drama Returns

Historical Drama Empress of China“Chungking Asteroid,” which was removed from Chinese television screens for “technical reasons” allegedly related to risqué costumes, is set to return to TV after being edited to show only the characters' heads rather than their cleavage.

Empress of China,alias The Story of Wu ZetianIt dramatizes the life of China's only female emperor, who ruled during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It is reportedly China's most expensive television drama. Fan Bingbingwho played Blink X-Men: Days of Future Past And in Chinese Iron Man 3.

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The Chinese government is waging a campaign to introduce more modesty and morality into public life, which has led to stricter censorship rules for television and movies.

While cleavage shots might not be as problematic in the West, China has very strict standards for public nudity, which presents a challenge for more risqué shows like HBO's “The Wonderful World.” game of thrones What issues will they face when new broadcasting regulations are introduced in the coming months?

Empress of China It began airing on December 21, 2014, but was pulled by private satellite broadcaster Hunan TV a week later, with producers citing “technical reasons.”

“Many viewers speculated that the suspension was a punishment by the country's television regulator for the show's female characters' skimpy outfits, which sparked controversy and led to online accusations that the characters had their 'breasts squeezed,'” the state news agency reported. Xinhua News Agency report.

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According to local media, the show's premiere episode broke ratings records for a TV drama, and the actress' low-cut dress even caused an overexcited cameraman to get a nosebleed during filming.

Reactions online to the show's end and subsequent revival were mixed: some wrote that close-ups of faces made it hard to follow the storyline, while others were uncomfortable with the cleavage on display.

“My heart is so full I can't watch TV…” Jinjin Miko He wrote on his microblog Sina Weibo.

The guidelines, issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) late last year, cover scenes of one-night stands, adultery, partner swapping, cheating, rape, incest, necrophilia, prostitution, sexual perversion and masturbation.

SAPPRFT also stipulated that historical drama series, a hugely popular genre in China, may not account for more than 15% of total primetime production.

China's broadcasting regulator said in September that all foreign TV shows must be approved before they can be posted on video sites, and that sites must remove unapproved shows by early next year, a rule that could lead to six-month delays and raise concerns that it could lead to piracy.

In 2006, Gong LiDramatic eye-catching décolletage Zhang Yimouof Curse of the Golden Flower It has sparked renewed debate about the need for a ratings system in Chinese cinemas.

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