Cleavage: how do we really feel?

My confession that whenever I wear the colour red I feel a bit like a whore (sorry, I couldn't help but use that SAT vocabulary), sparked an interesting discussion in the comments section about the fashion statements you all dare not make, especially cleavage. Most of you felt that showing cleavage is a big no-no, especially in the workplace.

Last night, Fi and I were strolling through the West Village after watching the greatest team in sports lose 6-2 (tradition!), and the conversation quickly shifted from baseball to, well, another form of baseball.

Phi: [Two seconds after NYU student-y looking girl in low-cut top walks by] One thing I've noticed about New York women is that they're obsessed with cleavage.

Me: Really?! I never paid any attention to that. Do you think there is more cleavage here than in other cities?

Fi: That's right.

myself: [Speechless. Shocked. Incredulous].

Now that I'm pregnant, it's inevitable that I'll show a little cleavage here and there. But honestly, I don't like cleavage. Again, this has to do with my aversion to overtly sexy clothing. My golden rule is: if it's short, don't make it tight, if it's tight, don't make it short, and don't show boobs. Almost all the time.

Today I was curious about how my coworkers feel about sleeping around at work (sorry, I'm not in the habit of staring so I grabbed my camera and went to check it out with my zoom lens. Thanks, guys!), and this is the exhibit I found. Glamour: Most of the tops have PG-13-level necklines and lots of cute tops that show off your collarbones and summer tan lines (which are great!) in a way that's not appropriate for Las Vegas.

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