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Hopes for ceasefire in Gaza slim due to trade responsibilities between Israel and Hamas

STORY: Video obtained by Reuters shows debris in the Gaza Strip's Rafah city after what Palestinians say was an Israeli airstrike. And it comes as prospects for ceasefire talks in Cairo appear to be dwindling. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that he flatly rejected Hamas' demands for a possible ceasefire. Prime Minister Netanyahu said the Palestinian Islamist group wants the withdrawal of all Israeli troops from Gaza and a permanent end to the fighting, which would leave Hamas in power. The state of Israel cannot accept that,” Hamas said, while Hamas blamed Israel for the impasse. In his statement, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyahu accused Netanyahu of “obstructing the efforts of the mediation committee members.” “If Prime Minister Netanyahu does not change his mind, he has no reason to stay,” a Palestinian official close to the mediation effort told Reuters on Sunday. “And the fighting continues. At the Kerem Shalom crossing between Gaza and Israel, Israeli soldiers inspected an armored vehicle after Hamas claimed to have attacked the spot on Sunday. A truck carrying humanitarian aid allegedly passed through the crossing.''After the attack, however, Israel announced that the border was closed. The war began after Hamas surprised Israel with a cross-border raid on October 7, with Israel saying 1,200 people were killed and more than 250 hostages taken. More than 34,600 Palestinians were killed. He died in a subsequent Israeli attack, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. The bombardment destroyed much of the coastal enclave and caused a humanitarian crisis. Israel has warned for months that it plans to send troops to the southern city of Rafah, which borders Egypt and is home to more than 1 million displaced Gaza residents. Israel believes thousands of Hamas fighters are trapped in the city and there may be dozens of hostages. The United Nations warned Friday that such an operation could potentially put thousands more lives at risk. The Israeli military released a video of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Sunday. Meeting with commanders in Gaza. Gallant said there are signs that Hamas has no intention of reaching a deal. “This means that strong military action will begin in Rafah and the rest of the Strip in the near future,” he said. “However, the impasse in Cairo will only intensify criticism of Prime Minister Netanyahu. “On Saturday, thousands of Israelis protested and demanded Prime Minister Netanyahu's withdrawal.” The prime minister accepted a ceasefire agreement with Hamas that would allow the remaining hostages to return home.

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