Helen Flanagan flaunts her surgically enhanced cleavage in a blue gown while allowing daughter Matilda, 8, to wear fake eyelashes for swanky dinner

Helen Flanagan posted a photo from Saturday night on Instagram on Monday.

The 33-year-old soap star flaunted her surgically enhanced cleavage in a blue gown as she dined with her eldest daughter at Manchester's Sexy Fish restaurant.

Helen turned all eyes on her in a floor-length dress with short puff shoulder sleeves and lace at the midriff.

The actress revealed that she allowed her eight-year-old daughter Matilda to wear false eyelashes for fancy dinners and drink non-alcoholic cocktails on girls' nights out.

The little girl looked adorable in her own blue dress, which featured feathered cuffs and feathered trim, and accessorized with a sparkling silver bag.

Mini-me: Helen Flanagan, 33, posted on Instagram on Monday a snap of herself and her eight-year-old daughter Matilda, taken at Manchester's Sexy Fish restaurant on Saturday.
oh! The soap star had all eyes on her as she wore a plunging floor-length dress that boasted short puff shoulder sleeves and a lace part at the navel.
oh!The Corrie actress had allowed eight-year-old Matilda to wear false eyelashes for her fancy dinner, she revealed

Alongside the upload, Helen wrote, “It was so much fun spending Saturday night with my big girl.'' Matilda has always been such an angel and she is so proud of her. She is always very mature and kind to her younger brother and her sister and helps me. ”

“Loved our bond, loved getting dressed up and going to @sexyfish_manchester and made Matilda do some eyelashes and drink non-alcoholic cocktails.”

The actress has children Matilda, Delilah, five, and Charlie, two, with her ex-partner soccer player Scott Sinclair, 34.

Last month, Helen's eldest daughter took up a job as a model for children's clothing brand AMIAH-RAE, following in her mother's footsteps and appearing in her first fashion campaign.

In a series of photos, Matilda made her modeling debut by showing off her fashion range. In the collection currently on sale, she smiled at the camera.

“We are excited to be working with Matilda,” said founder Tolu Ekiomad. Her luminous spirit and captivating presence effortlessly embody the essence of our brand.

Helen ended her engagement to her children's father Scott last summer and spoke about their children for the first time last month.

Helen took to her Instagram Stories to reflect on her life post-breakup and the “huge adjustment” she faced as a single mother of three.

CUTE: The little girl looked adorable in a blue dress that featured feathered cuffs and feather trim, while her accessory was a sparkling silver bag.
Mother-daughter time: The soap star flaunted her surgically enhanced cleavage in a blue gown while cuddling her eldest son
Cuddles: Child model turned child model Matilda pouts for a shot with her mother
Love: Helen seemed obsessed with her girl during a night out

The soap star revealed she still wears a ring, albeit on the wrong side, and laughed to herself as she recalled Scott proposing to her at Disneyland in 2018.

She began like this. She said, “I really like being honest about the situation. I'm trying to do that as a mom, but it's been a weird adjustment for me.”

Helen continued: “It's really been this past year. I've really been with my long-time fiancé – when I was 19 to 31, he was my whole world.

“I still wear my engagement ring, but I love it so much that it's on my other finger. It's my nana's wedding ring. Also, it took a long time for him to propose, but I have fond memories of it. It’s great to leave everything behind.”

She added, “Immediately after my separation, I started walking in the jungle. It was perfect timing and was a great distraction.'' I then started renovating the house myself.

“Before that, I had a boyfriend when I was 17. All my adult life, I've never been single or lived alone. This past year, it's been quite an adjustment for me.”

The actress admitted in January that she felt lonely after splitting from Scott in July, adding: “I loved him so much when I was younger.”

But, she continued, “Would I actually want to have a full-fledged relationship where everything gets intense and we talk about marriage?” Absolutely not. '

Split: The former Coronation Street actress ended her engagement to footballer Scott Sinclair last summer after 13 years together and had three children

In a lengthy online video, she confessed that she was still working on herself and said of her future relationship, “I don't know if I'm really ready to talk about dating.”

“One day I would, but not right now, but I found someone who was really, really nice to me. We're still really good friends and he was a lovely guy.

“He made me feel beautiful and he made me feel special and it made me so happy. I think that's a pretty big deal, especially when you have kids and you choose who you spend your time with. I think it's just as important.”

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