Jessica Simpson Posts Sexy Swimsuit Vacation Snap: See It Now!

Jessica Simpson's swimsuit photo shoots during her vacation are coming soon! The star is currently on a tropical trip with her family and busy celebrating her 35th birthday. and She shows off her amazing body in many sexy looks. Unsurprisingly, she managed to one-up her last posted swimsuit snap.

Provided by Jessica Simpson

Simpson posed against a white wall wearing a ruffled dress with a plunging front that accentuated her cleavage. And to make this moment more glamorous, she added some white platforms and coordinating sunnies, as well as a messy updo. “Vacation vibes,” she captioned her photo.

Over the weekend, she shared a photo with her holiday “babies” and showed off her incredible leg muscles.

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Simpson is a proud spokesperson for Weight Watchers and has been open about her weight struggles.

“Before I got pregnant, I had my weight under strict control and I didn't want anyone to take away the joy of having a baby,” she said. in style She has endured criticism after giving birth to her two children earlier this year. “my husband [Eric Johnson] I asked him about it recently as I was looking at some old photos. “Baby, why didn't you tell me to put down the brownies?” He said, “You were great.” He always loved every curve of my body. And we've always had a healthy sex life. ” (Further proof of that last statement: these photos.)

Simpson trains with celebrity workout guru and PEOPLE blogger Harley Pasternak, who shared her four-step leg workout routine last year. (The move, he noted, makes her “genetically blessed legs” even more amazing. Fun fact: Tina Simpson was an aerobics instructor!)

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–Brittany Talarico

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