Kylie Jenner shows off ample cleavage in a plunging bikini in sexy new pic

The appearance of new photos of Kylie Jenner has fans worried.

The Hulu star posted a flirty selfie on her Instagram Story last night, but one element of the photo caught our attention.

Kylie Jenner posts new photo showing her curvaceous body and dramatic poutCredit: Hulu
Fans were 'scared' and 'upset' by star's lips, they theorized it was transitional fillersCredit: kyliejenner/Instagram

In the photo, Kylie wore a stunning gold halter neck bikini, which she had posed for for a social media photoshoot earlier in the day.

The 25-year-old put her cleavage in the center of the photo, stretching the strings of her bikini top to reveal even more flesh.

She accessorized her look with bold Chanel foldable sunglasses that reflected the blue sky outside as she pouted for the camera.

However, the appearance of the KUWTK alum's lips caused concern among her followers.

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One of her fans reposted the image on Reddit, and many commented on her big pout.

One person said: “Why would she be willing to post this? It's horrifying.”

Another said: “Oh my god, this is so sad. She's been praised for her plastic surgery since she was 15 or 16 and who could have imagined that it was actually such a horrible, negative thing.” I could have done it,” he wrote.

A third person exclaimed, “Wow!! This legal act was scary.”

Some fans of the Kardashian family felt sorry for the beauty mogul, wondering if her fillers had been moved from their original location.

One person said, “That looks painful.”

A second said: “Her lips are disturbing.”

“You can't even photoshop out the filler transitions in her recent photos. So sad that she did that to herself,” another added.

under the knife

The reality TV star has sparked speculation among fans that she may have gone too far with her plastic surgery.

After unedited photos of the mother-of-two attending the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty were released, some fans couldn't help but point out how different she looked from when she was a teenager. I speculated that she may have had surgery.

One person shared a professional photo of her face taken at the event online and wrote, “So sad that she ruined her face forever.”

Another woman claimed she had surgery to make her eyes look bigger.

A fan said, “I was surprised she was able to close.” [her eyes] at this point. Their plastic surgeons should have their licenses revoked. ”

A third claimed Kylie, who admitted to having lip fillers as a teenager, went under the knife because she was too young.

Recently, a fan shared a GIF from a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and noted that Kylie's breasts looked “extra fake” in the clothes she was wearing.

“Huge,” exclaimed a fan, “and as someone with huge breasts, I can tell you that natural breasts of that size aren't that perky.”

“Each one is as big as her head,” another claimed.

“Oh, it looks like rubber,” said a third man.

A mother of three has recently been criticized for having her face altered and 'ruined' it.Credit: Instagram/@kyliejenner
Fans also noticed that Kylie's breasts look noticeably larger in the new Keeping Up With the Kardashians clipCredit: Hulu
Many of Kylie's followers have expressed their desire for her to return to a more natural state.Credit: Getty – Contributor

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