Model shows off ‘sexy cleavage’ in a public mall to the delight of passersby

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  • In his latest video, New York-based Joey Salada, 22, a model in a plunging top and a nursing mother take turns sitting on a bench.
  • While men praised women in revealing clothes and even called their outfits “sexy,” strangers called the nursing mothers “gross.”

The debate over normalizing breastfeeding in public was more heated than ever in 2015, and looks set to continue into 2016 after a video comparing sexy cleavage to breastfeeding in public was viewed over 75 million times in just one day.

In her latest video, social media star and video prankster Joey Saladas, 22, is trying to call out the hypocrisy of people who are uncomfortable with breastfeeding in public but are okay with women wearing clothes that reveal their cleavage.

In the video, titled “Sexy vs Breastfeeding in Public (Social Experiment),” a beautiful model named Jameela is secretly filmed sitting on a bench in a shopping center for an hour wearing only very short shorts and a low-cut top.

Watch the video: Social media star Joey Salada (center) conducted a social experiment comparing the public's reaction to a model (left) and a nursing mother (right) wearing a low-cut top.
First up is model Jamila, who was the first to sit alone on the bench for the experiment.

As she sits fiddling with her mobile phone, she receives lewd looks from passing men who acknowledge her appearance, but most make no comment.

A man then sat down next to her, introduced himself and tried to convince her to follow him on Instagram.

Then Emily, a young woman breastfeeding her baby, sits on the same bench and sees how her experience is different.

And, as the video states, “people didn't really like it.”

A young man wearing a hat and carrying a side bag is seen stopping to look at the young mother's behaviour, saying: “Really, ma'am, do you really have to do that here? It's disgusting.”

Emily politely apologizes, saying her baby is hungry, and the man angrily walks off.

Approving Gaze : Men passing by cast lustful glances at the beautiful woman sitting on the bench, but no one comments on what she's wearing.
Intervention: One man was particularly impressed with Jamila's looks and decided to introduce himself.
Next: But when Emily sits down, a passerby isn't too impressed and is happy to let her know, as the man asks her: “Seriously, do you have to do that here? That's gross.”

“That's really gross” were audibly muttered by two women coming out of a nearby shop as they walked past the bench.

But not everyone was so mean to her: one pregnant woman offered her support and sat down with her to talk about motherhood.

For the next part of the experiment, Joey has the two women sit together on a bench outside.

“That's awful, ma'am. I don't like the sight of your boobs on full display like that,” a man said as he passed by, pointing at Emily.

Joey interjects, pointing out that Jamilah's “chest is exposed too,” to which the man replies, “That's the way her shirt is, so that's fine.”

“It's natural,” Joey said, gesturing to Emily, then pointing at Jameela, “And it's just sexy. So you think it's okay?”

Annoyed: Two women come out of a shop, spot Emily sitting on a bench and exclaim that she looks “really unpleasant”.
It's not all bad. Emily's expectant mother stops by to offer her support and talk to her about motherhood.
New Idea: In the next part of the video, Emily and Jamilah can be seen sitting together on a bench.

He added: “If they have a problem with that chest being exposed, then you should have a problem with that chest being exposed.”

The man loses and walks away muttering that he still thinks it's “gross.” Soon after, another man approaches Emily, with Joey making the same claim.

The man responded that he was okay with Jameela's exposed breasts because “it's sexy,” but not with her breastfeeding because “it's gross.”

Joey couldn't convince the man and simply said, “Well, sure, if that's what you think.”

The video, posted to Joey's Facebook page, has been viewed more than 75 million times and shared more than 1 million times in just two days.

Dozens of grateful mums posted pictures of themselves breastfeeding and messages of support in the comments section.

The basis for the claim: When the man tells Emily to breastfeed the baby somewhere else, Joey cuts in and asks why he thinks that's “gross” and that he doesn't see a problem with it when Jamilah's “breasts are out too.”
Pointed out: This guy claims it's okay for Jameela's exposed breasts to be 'hot' but not okay for Emily to be breastfeeding because it's 'gross'
What people are saying: The video has been viewed over 75 million times and shared over 1 million times, despite many commenters pointing out that the reactions were staged.

“I breastfeed in public so I see no reason why I can't breastfeed my child. No one would mind if I bottle-fed him,” one mother said.

Another wrote: “Thanks to the incredible movement to normalize breastfeeding, I am now nursing my second child in public. I am so grateful for this movement and all who support us. Breastfeeding is not an easy task in itself and it's scary enough without strangers standing in front of you and your nursing baby and offering their opinions.”

Many people commenting on the video have pointed out that many of the reactions, especially the negative ones, seem heavily staged.

“This is so scripted and I understand this actually happens in the real world and I support breastfeeding women but…” one Facebook user commented.

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