Paige Spiranac stuns fans as she flaunts cleavage and toned abs in Halloween costume before putting troll in his place

PAIGE SPIRANAC has once again taken social media by storm with her raunchy Halloween content.

This time, Paige posed on social media wearing what looks like it could be her outfit for this month's festival.

Paige Spiranac takes social media by storm againCredit: Instagram / @_paige.renee
This time, Paige posed as an NFL cheerleader and showed off her physiqueCredit: Instagram / @_paige.renee
Paige revealed she tries on a different Halloween costume every dayCredit: Instagram / @_paige.renee
Paige is preparing for Halloween on October 31st.Credit: Instagram / @_paige.renee

The former golfer announced on Instagram that she will try a different outfit every month until October 31st.

Page posted, “I'm wearing a new Halloween costume every day in October.”

Her costume that day was that of an NFL cheerleader, which allowed her to show off her physique.

However, one user criticized her, tweeting, “The world is melting and she's playing dress up.”

In response, Page said: “If you tell them what's going on, they'll tell you to shut up and play dress up.

“I want to post this because this is my social media page and I can post anything I want.”

The 30-year-old's sexy golf snaps have been the subject of heated debate among sports enthusiasts, who have openly criticized her.

But the American was determined to hit back at his detractors.

“What I make isn't that provocative,” Page said.

“If my body makes someone uncomfortable, that's not my problem.

“I’m not doing anything illegal, I’m not causing any harm.

“Maybe it's because I'm considered everyone's fantasy.

“Even though I’m a girl who loves golf and wears bikinis, I consider myself a girl’s girl.

“I come from a genuine place.”

Page was also criticized on Twitter, which he used after sharing the content.Credit: Instagram / @_paige.renee
Paige said this is her social media channel and she will share anything she likesCredit: Instagram @_paige.renee
Page continues to crack down on trolls who criticize his contentCredit: Instagram @paigerenee

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