PHOTO | In an outfit worth $3.400: Lauren Sanchez showed off her “hot” cleavage during a visit to the White House

Entrepreneur and Amazon Founder jeff bezos (60) and his partner Lauren Sanchez (54) were one of many famous couples who enjoyed dinner with the US President last night joe biden (81) and the first lady Jill Biden (72) At the White House.The entire event was a tribute to the Japanese Prime Minister. Fumio Kishida.

For this occasion, Sanchez chose to wear a red lace-embellished corset dress that accentuated her cleavage.

According to Page Six's calculations, Sanchez was wearing approximately $3,400 worth of clothing. Sanchez's girlfriend, Bezos, opted for a classic, elegant tuxedo with a white shirt and silk bow tie.

Photo: Drew Angerer/AFP/Profimedia

Famous actors also participated in the event robert de niroalong with his partner Tiffany Chen, tim cook, lisa jackson, Christy Yamaguchi And others.

American musician Paul Simon, who is said to be the first lady's favorite, entertained the audience with songs such as “Graceland'' and “Slip Sliding Away.''

Salmon and steak were served for dinner.

Photo: MandelNGAN/AFP/Profimedia

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