Rihanna’s ‘sexy era is over’

Unlike other celebrities who continue to bask in the spotlight in nearly nude outfits, Rihanna's days of completely baring her body are over, according to a New York stylist.

She spoke out about the mother-of-two's baggy clothes and claimed she had “no motivation” to lose her post-baby weight.

A stylist told the US Sun that Rihanna wore loose clothing because she felt insecure about her body shape.Credit: Getty
Rihanna wore a nude dress to accept the Fashion Icon award at the 2014 CFDA Awards.Credit: Getty

Rihanna, 36, responded to rumors on Tuesday that she is pregnant with her third child.

She was in Los Angeles promoting her Fenty brand and told Entertainment Tonight magazine that she's “not pregnant.”

Speculation had been running high after the make-up mogul was spotted wearing a number of loose, body-covering outfits.

For example, while celebrating her birthday in Milan, Rihanna wore loose clothing and a grey jacket.

Stylist Tavia Sharp said that to her surprise, Rihanna had become “self-conscious”.

The pop star also wore a large faux fur coat in New York.

“Rihanna's days of being sexy and baring it all are completely over,” Sharp told the US Sun.

“For the first time, Rihanna is feeling self-conscious about her body image.

“She was the quintessential trendsetter and people knew her as a global fashion icon.

“Rihanna is currently feeling insecure about her body after giving birth.

Rihanna responds to pregnancy rumors as fans suspect she's expecting third child with A$AP Rocky

“The baggy clothes show she has no intention of getting back to her pre-baby weight.”

The Fenty Beauty founder gave birth to Riot Rose in August.

This is Rihanna's second child with partner A$AP Rocky, whom she began dating in 2020.

The couple's first son, RZA, was born in 2022.

Her new short hair is taking all the attention away from her body and curves that were previously hidden.

Tabia SharpFashion Stylist

Interestingly, the Diamonds singer's maternity clothes included see-through fabrics and bright colors before her first birth.

Her belly-hiding confidence was on full display as she posed in open-chested jeans and a pink coat for the magazine shoot.

Cover or clutch

Sharp said Rihanna did a 180-degree turn after giving birth for the second time.

“Rihanna has had two kids almost back to back, so for her this is a body thing right now,” she said.

“The first thing to consider is that there wasn't much time between the two births.

“She started wearing bulky, heavy clothes.

She was the first person to wear a nude dress on the night she won the CDFA.

Tabia SharpFashion Stylist

“Rihanna has her hands clasped in front of her body, covering her front.

“There's a sense of movement with chunky belts, heavy leather jackets and a fluffy front.

“Her hairstyle also looks completely different.

“Her new short hair has taken attention away from her body and curves that were otherwise hidden.”

The stylist said Rihanna's sexy days are over and she's stopped baring it all.Credit: Instagram/ Fenty Hair

From the Met Gala in New York to the streets of Barbados, Rihanna's dresses and crop tops are always revealing and cause a stir.

The Ocean's 8 star's appearance at CDFA in 2014 marked his first Hollywood break.

Celebrities have also jumped on the trend, opting for similar see-through looks.

At the time, the nine-time Grammy winner's groundbreaking nude dress showcased her passion for taking risks.

She was awarded the prestigious Fashion Icon Award.

It's safe to say that Rihanna is happy with her body.

Tabia SharpFashion Stylist

I'm not naked anymore

Sharp said the Barbadian beauty was the polar opposite of the style that Hollywood celebrities such as Bianca Censoli have since adopted.

“This goes against the trend that she started and also goes against what most other celebrities are doing now,” she said.

“She was the girl who wore more see-through clothes than anyone else.

“She was the first person to wear a nude dress the night she won CDFA.

“Now we see this contrasted with someone like Bianca Censoli wearing see-through plastic and being totally confident in her body.”

Tavia Sharp said Rihanna (pictured in 2016) has worn more see-through clothing than any other celebrity.Credit: SplashNews

Interestingly, when it comes to body image and confidence, the Fenty founder has often claimed to be in charge.

“I honestly just have to laugh at myself. I mean, I get fat days, I get skinny days, and I embrace every shape I'm in,” she told Vogue in 2018.

“I'm not built like a Victoria's Secret girl, but I still feel so beautiful and confident in lingerie.”

About the boys

Sharp claims that this marks a dramatic turning point for Rihanna as she begins raising her two boys.

“You can always count on Rihanna to be happy with her body,” she said.

“This is typical of a mother who is not 100% confident.

“She's still showing her cleavage, which is funny.

“She's showing off her bra to keep her top half sexy.

Rihanna seems to feel sexy only from the chest up, which is a first for her.

Tabia SharpFashion Stylist

“But she hides the lower half of her body to avoid people seeing this part of her body, including her legs.

“She wears this coat even though it's out of place in the weather.

“Rihanna seems to feel sexy only from the chest up, which is a first for her.”

“Rihanna appears to be happy in her marriage so the cover-up isn't about that.

“But her body coverage also comes with the prospect of becoming a mother and, perhaps more importantly, a mother to two young boys.”

Rihanna covered up in London in April, but her stylist claimed it was because she's a mother.Credit: Getty
Rihanna has been wearing chunky, heavy clothes lately, but experts say that since giving birth to her second child,Credit: Getty

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