Sexy Aisha Sharma Flaunts Ample Cleavage in Hot Outfit, Says ‘I Might Have…’ | See Photo

Ayesha Sharma has set Instagram on fire with her new sexy pictures. The actress, who is also Neha Sharma's younger sister, revealed on her Instagram stories that she is spending her weekend away from India. She revealed that she had a lot planned for the day, but she accidentally overbooked her schedule. Ayesha shared details of the day in her mirror selfie. The actress was seen wearing a blouse that featured her plunging neckline flaunting her curves.

She styled the top with a lace bralette and pants. While Aisha shared a selfie of herself taken in her mirror, she said, “She may have overdone everything she thought she could cram into 24 hours.” See the photo below.

Ayesha Sharma shared a new photo on Instagram.

Aisha recently made headlines for celebrating her sister Neha Sharma's birthday in Dubai. She shared a long birthday message for her along with photos from the party. “Birthday posts are the kind of posts that people read on social and try to break the bond between partners, sisters, friends, whatever it is. And as for me, it will never help you understand what the bond actually is. It still needs to be done, so here it is: You can't really know Neha unless you really know Neha.” she wrote.

“She is a very caring, empathetic, sensitive person who truly knows how to love, and in my opinion, that quality of loving is the best quality a person can have. Who is Neha? I love and nurture you more than ever, a man of great fortitude and determination. Happy Birthday Neha, the love you so generously gave me multiplied on this birthday and every day of this year. I hope to come back to you. P.S. If you think I'll leave your side, never, you know me better,” she added.

Ayesha made her Bollywood debut in 2018 with the film Satyameva Jayate, co-starring John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee. She also appeared in several music videos and gained immense popularity. Ayesha Sharma is now known for being diligent about maintaining her healthy lifestyle. Her fitness and skincare regimen is carefully curated, encouraging her fans to prioritize self-care and her health. She shares valuable insights and tips through her social media platforms and helps her followers embark on their own wellness journey.

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First published: December 10, 2023, 3:25 PM IST

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