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Shania made an appearance as a guest judge on the show “DWTS” on Oct. 23, and she looked more gorgeous than ever. Check out her look below.

Shania Twain52 years old, but doesn't look his age Dancing with the StarsThe guest judges took their job seriously, awarding Terrell and Cheryl a perfect 10, while giving struggling Nick and Peta just 7. The Canadian crooner looked stunning behind the judges' table, showing off her sexy cleavage in a plunging black dress.

When she came out onto the ballroom floor to sing her new song “Soldier,” we got a look at her entire outfit. It was long and tight, showing off her toned body. It even had a high slit to give us a peek at a little leg! We get what she's wearing! She's in great shape and she's about to go out. now She's clearly been working hard to look and feel her best while on tour! The song is very emotional, and Shania says she cried for weeks while writing it.

Fans have commented on her appearance, calling her “fat” and “unrecognizable,” but we think she looks amazing and can't wait to see her back on tour after all these years! Her gorgeous hair was styled in retro curls and her bold red lip really stood out. We loved her overall look!

Shania recently opened up about her battle with Lyme disease. She's one hell of a warrior, and we're so happy to have her back in the public eye with new music.

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