Watch How People Respond to Sexy Cleavage vs. Breastfeeding

Get ready to put on your rage hat, because a new video shows all the messed up ways women have to deal with the attention they receive because of their bodies.

The video was released by YouTuber Joey Saladas, who was conducting a “social experiment” to see how people would react to a woman showing cleavage and a woman breastfeeding a baby.

Joey had the two women sit on a bench in a shopping mall at different times and filmed the reactions of people passing by, and as expected, the two women had very different reactions.

Models who weren't breastfeeding attracted attention and flirtation from men.

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Meanwhile, the breastfeeding model has also had to deal with negative comments like: “Really? Do you have to do that here? That's gross.”

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A fan of the video is celebrity Alyssa Milano, who has been a vocal advocate of breastfeeding in public.

JoeySalads has had its critics, and some may be skeptical of the experiment's authenticity, but Joey nonetheless points out the real double standards women face when it comes to their bodies.

“So, that's okay because it's hot,” he says in the video, pointing to a model who isn't breastfeeding, “but you think this is gross because it's natural, so isn't that okay?”

Check out the video above to see the experiment in action.

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